What's so special about the accordion?  Why play the accordion? 

Fellow Accordionists comment:

It needs no accompaniment.

It was my first musical instrument.  I spent some happy hours as a child discovering, albeit unknowingly, the mysteries of chords, harmony, scales, and the way music works.

I could write a book. The simple fact is the accordion is the ultimate instrument of all time.

It is unique in that it can play rhythm, bass notes, chords and/or melody on either the right or left hand, separately or together.  Like the piano, music for the accordion is written in both bass and treble clef; thus allowing the student to learn both as he/she progresses.  Accordion music is written for and performed in every genre known; from classical to country, folk to French, jazz to zydeco, and everything in between. The accordion is expressive.  It can set a mood from happy to sad.  It can make you want to dance or become introspective.  It can be played by itself and be complete, or it can be played in duets to orchestras, as a lead instrument, or as an accompaniment.  Unlike the piano, it is portable. It can be your friend on a long journey; and it can make friends in a strange country; and like many I agree, it is FUN(!), and it has been for many a year....

Accordion is a versatile instrument.  It can be a band in itself.  It can be relatively easily transported.

It's easy to take around, and draws crowds of people to watch and listen. People also love to sing along.

It's a "whole band in your arms."

It’s fun to play, extremely versatile, portable, and most listeners love it. It sounds good.  It's a one-person band.  You hug it when you play it, and it doesn't need a lot of maintenance if you take care of it.  You hardly ever have to tune it.  Many are attractive.  Their sound is unique, and not easily confused with other instruments.

Accordion stimulates my mind in a way that other instruments do not.  I like the idea that I can provide melody and accompaniment with one instrument.

I'm in LOVE with it.

For my own pleasure. My interest in the accordion goes back to my childhood.

I like the sound, and it feels like you're having a party even if you're just practicing by yourself!

It's soooo fun! 

Because it is the greatest instrument available. It has the melody, can harmonize, can be any instrument in the orchestra, and is just plain fun and excites people.

It’s fun to play, and fun to be around happy accordion players. It’s the perfect instrument for playing Western folk, popular and even classical music across a wide spectrum of ethnicities comprising with a wide variety of scales, rhythms, harmonic structures, and melodic treatments.  Every time I play for someone, they think it's great, no matter what I play or how well I play it.  Surely there's an appetite out there that is currently unsatisfied.

I could write a book.
The simple fact is the accordion is the ultimate instrument of all time.


It's a humble instrument:
one can manipulate it as one wants to; rich in sounds, elegant; it's interior/exterior construction is marvelous;
can be played at various levels of culture...

When I was a very little boy I heard its sounds and felt transported to levels of harmony, joy; I am still mesmerized when I hear it.  Its sounds cause deep-seated thrills that are never satisfied.  The more it is experienced, the finer it becomes and  begs for more...

It must satisfy some part of my inner spirit.  Much of the music that I like to listen to and love is well suited to the accordion.  The accordion is configured the way I listen to and learned to play music by ear (piano keyboard, circle of fifths, etc.), so there is a synergy there which is very satisfying.


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