Welcome to the website of Accordion Plus, LLC, home of the smaller, lighter, high quality Maestro Accordions, Accordions for Kids/U.S.A., and many products for the accordionist. Our objective is to complement your interest in the accordion through teaching, sales, service, repair, and personal attention to your specific musical needs. Tell us how we can serve you!

Company Profile

Accordion Plus, LLC, finds strong leadership and management skills in Dale E. Wise, M.M.E. His desire to promote the company through sales of quality products, prompt service, and satisfied customers is paramount. He brings a lifetime of professionalism to the company in many aspects of the accordion industry including teaching, performance, product development, repair, and accordion design.

Contact Information

Accordion Plus, LLC
Dale E. Wise, M.M.E.
P.O. Box 53
Burr Hill, VA 22433

(540) 854-5209
Email us at:accordionplus@aol.com

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