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Accordion 911 / Quick-Fix Repair Kit© 

It's performance time, and something goes wrong with your accordion; a strap breaks, a bass button is bent, a treble key sticks, a note is sounding all of the time. Not to worry ...if you have our repair kit with you. It includes the following: bellows pin-pulling pliers, vise-grip pliers, an assortment of screwdrivers, binder clip, duct tape, 6 sizes of reed valve "skins", bass button straightening tool, single-edge razor blade, flexible glue, a small quantity of imported beeswax mixture, paper towel, lubricant, and simple directions to follow.


Bass Button Straightening Tool

Every accordionist needs this round 3" long metal stock with holes in each end that fit over a 5/16" or 5/16"+ Bass Button allowing you to bend it back into position. When you need it, you need it right now!!!

Bent and/or stuck Bass Buttons can happen to all of us who play the accordion.  Interestingly enough we would likely comment, "The last time I played my instrument, everything was perfect." Somehow, by accident, mishandling, or bumping, the buttons simply get bent. Be prepared.

$ 13.00

Bellows Corner Crimping Tool

When replacing or re-gluing a bellows corner, this all metal tool, with its sharp point, is designed so one can make an impression in each side of the metal corner, thus "biting" into the bellows cardboard for a strong hold.

$ 15.00

-New! Portable Tuning Table (complete)
A must have for the accordion repair person! Test reed blocks for reed response, intonation, broken or cracked reeds, faulty reed valves, wet or dry tuning...................and it's portable. Put it in a suitcase, and off you go to work, help, or lecture at festivals, conventions, contests, and accordion clubs. The Italians call it a Provino. I call it priceless!

Portable Tuning Table Plans (to build one) $ 12.00

Used Bellows + Plans (to build a Portable Tuning Table) $125.00

Repair DVD w/Text

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Accordion 911 - Fundamental Accordion Care & Repair© (w/DVD and text)
by Dale E. Wise, M.M.E
Accordion 911 is a 90-minute video available in DVD or VHS format w/text for all accordionists who want to maintain and protect their valuable instruments. Presented in three levels of expertise, it thoroughly explains care, maintenance, and repair procedures that will extend the life of your instrument, and help you avoid costly repair bills.
Eddie Chavez, respected accordionist, historian, consultant, and co-author of "The Golden Age Of The Accordion" writes that "Accordion 911 is the only video made in the U.S.A. that I have seen that is perfect."


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Tabletop Music Stand

This sturdy oak design rests on any flat surface to hold music, cookbook, family bible, etc., or to serve as a lectern. It comes in two parts for easy packing and travel.

"The Tabletop Music Stand I bought from you has turned out to be indispensable. It's enabled me to play in more places & with greater ease, as the stand sets on a table anywhere. Thanks!" LB


Accordion Display Stand
A sturdy oak stand designed to safely display the accordion. Keep  your valuable instrument off the floor, out of the closet, and ready to play at a moment's notice. It folds for travel.
Out of Stock

Accordion Display Stand w/Music Stand

Same as above plus a substantial music stand.

Out of Stock

Accordion Dust Cover
A flexible clear plastic dust cover designed to protect your accordion from house dust while displaying its beauty. Keep in mind that dust and other airbourne debris clog valves and reeds when drawn through the instrument during playing. This causes a myriad of problems including reed failure, bad compression, & poor intonation. Please measure the widest dimension on the treble side of the accordion, and report that information when placing an order.

Dimension of Treble Side

"I got my bass strap yesterday. Wow, what incredible service! Thanks a million.
I had a couple of things to play for tomorrow, and had lined up an accordion to borrow - but its great to have mine back in action."

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